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2018 Regional Feminist Organizing School

Miami Workers Center (MWC) in partnership with, Grassroots Global Justice (GGJ), the Florida Statewide Alignment Group (SWAG), and Grassroots Policy Project came together in Miami for the Florida Regional Feminist Organizing School (FOS). 40 participants organizing with 20 different organizations from Central and Southern Florida participated in a 3-day training where we explored grassroots feminism through workshops, large group discussions, silent reenactments, and rigorous reading material. MWC facilitated two workshops, Power and Oppressed and Organizing With A Feminist Lens. Both workshops dove deeper into power structures which oppress the most marginalized people in society such as Black women and the trans community. 

During this regional FOS, we discussed:

- Power and patriarchy and the importance of maintaining an intersectional lens

- Gender and sexuality and the artificial boundaries that should not limit us

- Feminisms and the history of our movements

- The evolution of capitalism, its effect on gender and reliance on patriarchy

- Feminist economics and the need to socialize reproductive labor

- Organizing with a feminist lens locally, nationally and globally. We looked at the Femme Agenda, and with the Statewide Alignment Group, we considered the importance of brining a feminist lens to electoral organizing.

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