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Here Comes The Boom: An Assembly For Black Women and Girls Was A Huge Success

Here Comes The Boom!: An Assembly for Black Women and Girls, presented by the Femme Agenda, had its first successful launch at the Miami-Dade College Wolfson Campus with over 300 attendees. Here Comes The Boom is a leadership conference for black-identifying women; a follow-up to last year’s Florida March for Black Women. This assembly sprouted from strategy developed by the Femme Agenda to curate solutions for building femme political power in Florida.

Tanisha Osorto, an assembly committee member, believes "For far too long, black women have been used to help other marginalized groups gain progress while not to reaping any benefits." We question who is truly supporting Black women as they rise in the political arena. This assembly birthed a blueprint of how we will build such power. 

Festivities kicked off Friday night with an opening 'kickback' at the Little Haiti Cultural Center, hosted by motivational speaker and author, Octavia Yearwood. The veranda transformed into a marketplace for local vendors, owned by Black women.
Political strategist, Jamecia Gray, says “When I look around for where I fit in, there is little to no representation where I can be heard and affirmed.” Gray continues, “this space was curated to amplify the voices of black women, girls, and femmes across South Florida. The Assembly is the beginning of a beautiful movement where we as a whole take back our power and develop a platform that is reflective of our values and needs.”
On Saturday, we opened with a preliminary panel with Wakumi Douglas, S.O.U.L. Sisters Leadership Collection; Denise Perry, Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity; June Barrett, Miami Workers Center; Sheena Meade, Florida Rights Restoration Coalition; Francesca Menes, Center for Popular Democracy; Stass Schmeidt, Dream Defenders and Spring Up, and Jasmen Rogers, Gender Justice Coordinator for the Miami Workers Center. Guests then dispersed for informative breakout sessions that highlighted issues specific to black women, such as gender-based violence, LGBTQIA rights, and climate gentrification. Both the youth from March for Our Lives and Florida Governor hopeful, Andrew Gillum, made an appearance. 
This assembly allowed space for Black women to start to assemble a platform which centers and uplifts Black women. This blueprint included demands, future strategy, and the needs necessary to actively support and enhance Black women's political power in Florida and the nation. 

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